Brownsville Brooklyn, New York is a great place to live and the city is known for residents with strong family values and traditions. This is one of the reasons why people tend to think of Fairhaven Memorial Chapel when they lose someone they love.

Death is a personal issue and this is why it is good to know that you will be making a good choice when you decide to use Fairhaven Memorial Chapel's services. Our funeral home serves Brownsville Brooklyn, New York as well as surrounding communities. Fairhaven Memorial Chapel offers traditional burial service, as well as direct cremation. International and domestic funeral shipping back to the deceased country of origin is a big part of the funeral services Fairhaven offers.

Fairhaven Memorial Chapel and his funeral home are committed to making sure the funeral arranging process is as simple as possible for you and your family because the last thing you want to do is to deal with arranging a funeral and not really having any idea of what you should do. The staff at the funeral home will present you with various options. These options will be presented with respect for your wishes, as well as your financial situation.

The Brownsville Brooklyn, New York's funeral home’s staff can help you create a beautiful tribute that honors and celebrates your loved one’s life, and this can lighten the burden of grief. The truth is that a funeral is the last thing you will do for your loved one, and it is also one of the very first steps you will take in the healing process. You can start the healing process knowing that your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity, and this is why you should choose Fairhaven Memorial Chapel. The staff at our funeral home will treat you and your loved one with respect and they will display the highest level of professionalism.

There are a number of things that make Fairhaven Memorial Chapel stand out from the rest, and one of the reasons they stand out is that you will speak with a very helpful and caring person when you contact us. Jason Sheppard owns the funeral home, it is privately owned, and this means the staff at the funeral home do not answer to a corporate office. Also, the funeral home offers both burial and cremation services, but they can even help ship your loved one to an international destination, as the funeral home oversees an International Mortuary Shipping business. Asides from that, it is worth noting that Fairhaven Memorial Chapel accepts pre-need insurance policies of all types, which means it doesn’t matter where they were funded, and this is another reason why you should choose to use Fairhaven Memorial Chapel when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one.